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  • Candidate sourcing/job marketing
  • CV reviews
  • Generalist interviews
  • Full detailed interview reports for all interviewed candidates
  • Top 3 candidates recommendation
  • 6 stages methodology framework
  • Subject matter expert (SME) interviews – optional
Call for pricing Call for pricing Yes - for up to 5 candidates
  • Fulcrum assessment testing (Verified) – optional
Call for pricing Call for pricing Yes - for up to 20 candidates
  • 6 stages methodology framework: This a cutting edge internally developed framework unique to Topreqs. We created it to ensure structure, consistency and quality assurance through the full recruitment / head hunting process. Contact us today to learn more about it.
  • Subject matter expert (SME) interviews – optional: When hiring for specialist roles, let our SMEs conduct interviews aimed at making actual Hire vs. No Hire recommendations along with detailed reports on the top candidates.
    • Example: Need a top notch PHP developer or Cost Accounting Manager? Leave it to us to conduct thorough interviews led by a top tier PHP programmer or Chartered Accountant in our payroll. Our network of carefully selected SMEs covers practically any area you can think of from Finance to Programming.
  • Fulcrum assessment testing (Verified) – optional: Verified assessment testing integrations with fulcrumtests.com means you can objectively validate the competency level of your applicants and have their scores directly synced to each job application on Topreqs for your review.
    • Fulcrumtests.com has a proprietary verification system that guarantees that the candidates did the tests without cheating through the use of the device’s audio and video peripherals
    • Audit records are available for each test taker upon request
    • You can also create custom assessment tests tailored to the specific needs of your organization
    • Cloud-based testing means less costs compared to brick-and-mortar testing - we do accommodate brick-and-mortar testing for employers that prefer this
Streamlined Candidate Selection Tools:
  • Advanced matching processes
  • Efficient candidate sort and filter features
  • Clean candidate and job management dashboards
  • To ensure you are only looking at the truly qualified and pertinent candidates
  • Assessment and competency data for proxy on candidate skills
Trusted Partnerships:
  • We have partnered with FulcrumTests.com, a leading competency assessment company to provide a direct API through which you can request candidates take relevant role-specific assessments, and sort applicants based on score directly through your dashboard.
  • You can also specify whether the assessments are required or preferred for flexibility on controlling total application inflows
  • Availability of assessment screening helps ensure you are hiring proven/competent candidates

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We Empower You To Be Better
  • Learning center: find both free and paid course options carefully reviewed by us to be from reputable sources
  • Assessments: signal to employers that you are truly competent by taking relevant assessments. We add them to your profile automatically as part of our integration with FulcrumTests.com so that employers coming to Topreqs can find you easily and see your competency.
  • Assessment tests are not required but we recommend them. Candidates that have taken tests applicable to their fields are:
8 times more likely to get shortlisted for jobs
3 times more likely to get hired
A Trusted and Safe Ecosystem
  • Employer vetting: we vett employers that post on our site to ensure that scammy jobs or dishonest employers are flushed out
Intelligent job ranking and classifications:
  • Topreqs classification: we use a proprietary internal algorithm to classify jobs that meet certain criteria as Topreqs. No, Topreqs aren't simply determined by salary.
  • Look out for jobs with the Topreqs symbol on them or simply filter by Job Type in the search fields
  • Look for other insightful symbols and notes such as , , , etc to understand the job type/requirements.